Friday, February 22, 2008

Cut and paste

It's been ages since I last posted anything (a month, really). So, anybody is reading this, you'd better get used to my irregular posting or stop reading here.

Monday I'll be cut up in pieces and the pieces will be put together again. By a qualified person, mind you.
Seriously, my nose is going to be set straight so I can get more air. And no more post-nasal drip. I'll not explain that last term, in order to prevent any potential readers, if you wanna know what it means, google it.

So, that's basically all I want to say - no wait, there's another thing. It's about lookingGood, the templating system I am building. I am not satisfied with it's name. I like the looking part, but I want a second part which I really put different verbs in front of, thus creating names for my other web products, ultimately leading to the the "Good suite" (if I would decide to stick with good anyway), I just think Good is to restrictive. So... I am thinking about a new name.