Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Law

What is the top result from google suggest when you type in "Our law"?

That's right, "our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we couldn't get sued lyrics". Please note here that I am assuming you're an avid Fall Out Boy listener. For those who could not even guess such a trivial fact - it's actually the name of a song. The name of a song I was listening, to be precise. I wondered what the exact lyrics were and started typing it in my FireFox Google search bar.
This made me type in more of their songs names. Never did it take more 9 letters for the top suggestion to be the song - save "XO". And yes, I tried all titles in the album I was listening. I must say this is a strange but truly amazing achievement. With their interesting titles and their hard to understand lead singer (who does not need to be understood to be singing good) they have really tickled the average googler.
Just a quick moment of amazement I thought I would share. I would take my time and write some more, but I have an ICT assignment to finish.

Take care!