Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something To Write About

Wow, I think I have just set my record for not posting here. I have a remedy, though: something to write about. Mostly this blog has been about... well... nothing at all really. However, I have a series of posts planned, as I came up with an idea a while back. It's called "The Land of Manuals".

In this land the people can be divided in four groups. First there are the workers. Workers do not do anything unless they have a manual on how to do it. If the manual instructs them to do the wrong things, they will do the wrong things. Workers often reside in factories, but factories are not like factories we know.
Second there is The Rich. The Rich are rich, most of them even have their own factories. Granted, their factories usually aren't as big as the ones owned by corporations, but factories are factories. Another trait all the rich share is that they are stupid, incredibly stupid. They can handle autonomously and they don't expect manuals that they have to follow letter by letter as the workers do, but that's not a good thing; it means that they will probably do something wrong if it is at all possible.
The third group is the rebels. Most of the rebels are also quite rich and have their own factories, but they will do what they can to make things go wrong. Luckily there is some strict law enforcement going on, so they have to find the ways to break the system without breaking the law. This is all possible because the law enforcement is done by workers, meaning something just is or is not allowed - there is no common sense involved.

The last group is the one I am going to take the perspective of, they are called the writers and what they do is writing manuals for workers. You will know more about these guys soon enough...

Like the idea? Got an idea where I might be going? Comment!!