Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Facebook Layout

Let me share a facebook screenshot with you:

Does anything stand out?

To me, the vast amounts of unused space did stand out. To the left of my news feed, there's more unused space than width of the feed itself. On the right, between the suggestions and events, there's again three quarters of the news feed in unused space. Of course I felt cramped here. Clearly, the new facebook layout wasn't designed for widescreen monitors, despite the fact that these are the de facto standard these days.

It took me a while to realize what was actually making this feel so cramped. After all, they hadn't actually made the news feed any narrower. However, I found that what they did do was remove the navigation from the left side of the page. That is, it used to scroll with you and it no longer does. Now it just sits there at the top of the screen, nowhere to be seen if you're not at the top of the screen. It wasn't the fact that the feed was so small, it was the fact that it was so small while there was so much unused space. I actually scrolled up and found that indeed, when the space was used, it didn't feel quite as cramped.