Friday, August 31, 2007

Home Again (this time for real)

So I am back from my holiday with my parents, I had a fun time in Freudenstad. For those who want to be picky, yes I have been home for almost two weeks now. The first of the two weeks doesn't count, for I was home in the literal sense, but practically I wasn't.

Just about every day I left home at 8.25 and went to Kinderdorp (Children's village). When it was time for dinner I made sure I was home, and about half of the days I left after dinner back to Kinderdorp. From 9 am to 4 pm I was busy doing all kinds of things in the café of Kinderdorp. When the children left at four the adults were left and a lot of talking and drinking was done.
The second week (the one we're at the end of right now) I needed to get back my strength :P. Well
I just sat behind my computer a lot and took life easy for a week. I finished my first try on the single player campaign of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (amazing game!). The game is a "first person action rpg". Basically shooter and rpg, but then in a medieval/magical setting. Swordfights were your sword and your opponent's are against each other, the game has really good gameplay. Also the game doesn't use the standard classes-system, but instead let's you spend points as you wish. That way I had a guy that used the strong bits of magic in the early game, but later in the game I turned into a more fighter-like style. When I was finished I didn't have enough yet :P and I created a pure fighter (with a healing spell xD) at the hard difficulty, but that one I have finished as well now. Next will be a wizard at insane, but that's not right now...

So... today I am getting my school books and Monday I will get my lesson table - life is starting to spin at full speed once again. I'll see if I can post a bit more often now, as I do like posting here.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Home Again

So I am home again (I never told you I was gone, shame on me!). I had a wonderful ten days in Berlin with the scouts. Only a very small part of the group went (partly due to the world Jamboree), but this may even have had a positive influence on the atmosphere...
Anyway, I home now, but nor for long - I am leaving again tomorrow (I arrived two days ago so I have two full days here and two more "bits of a day".
Anyway, I am exploring the possibilities of the new video card I bought just before holiday. And for the coming holiday I armed myself with Harry Potter 7 (Deathly Hallows) and Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth series part 5 (out of... a lot :P)).
Anyway, I am refixing my iPod, after having taken it apart before leaving to camp. Of course I also intended to take it with me to there - but I thought I had lost a button. Today I found that I just had the button so I can fix okey this time (the right channel still won't work though...). I will need a set of ear buds before I can listen, however, so I will go and fix that right now.