Thursday, August 2, 2007

Home Again

So I am home again (I never told you I was gone, shame on me!). I had a wonderful ten days in Berlin with the scouts. Only a very small part of the group went (partly due to the world Jamboree), but this may even have had a positive influence on the atmosphere...
Anyway, I home now, but nor for long - I am leaving again tomorrow (I arrived two days ago so I have two full days here and two more "bits of a day".
Anyway, I am exploring the possibilities of the new video card I bought just before holiday. And for the coming holiday I armed myself with Harry Potter 7 (Deathly Hallows) and Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth series part 5 (out of... a lot :P)).
Anyway, I am refixing my iPod, after having taken it apart before leaving to camp. Of course I also intended to take it with me to there - but I thought I had lost a button. Today I found that I just had the button so I can fix okey this time (the right channel still won't work though...). I will need a set of ear buds before I can listen, however, so I will go and fix that right now.

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