Friday, August 1, 2008

A quick mention

Hi all,

I am currently doing all kinds of stuff with my notebook, to get it set up as I want it to be. As always, this brings its own set of adventures, but I'll probably tell you all about it later (when I am finished for instance).
What I do want to touch on, though, is a website I came across, which was just what I was looking for. I am talking about WobZip, at The website will let you upload a compressed file (7z, zip, tar, rar, iso, deb, cab and a bunch more), and will then decompress the file for you, leaving with a screen where you can download the individual files. On top of that (which is why I like the service so much) you can download the complete contents recompressed as a zip file.
So that was just the ting I wanted mention. If you are interested in the adventures I had (and am having) with my notebook, just hang on a little longer and I will start telling about all of it. I guess there are some stories where people will say "that's not possible!", but all of it is - I have actually been able to recover without losing a single file from a position that sounded truly hopeless and many people would have given up on immedietly. The credit goes to my good software, though, not to me.