Monday, July 28, 2008

Some of these days...

You all know them, you all have them: some of these days you just do not get anywhere. You do what you can all day, but you simply do not succeed at ending anywhere but where you started. This morning was taken from such a day.
There was one slight twist to the story, though, me not getting anywhere was a literal thing. I overslept and arrived at work one hour late. They don't make a fuss out of this at all, though they would like to know you are having some problem so they want you to call them. This was not the problem, as did call five times, but the phone was not answered each of those times.
The problem was that the whole system was down and no calling could be done. This was the reason that they were giving a training to everybody, but I had already missed half of it, so there was no point in joining them. This just meant there was nothing for me to do, so I went home again - having spent an hour and twenty minutes taking bus rides and ending up right where I started.

However, I will not let this complete day turn into one of those days - a single morning is more than enough.


I have bought a laptop yesterday. I had received some money for it from my parents, some from both of my grandmothers, and I had some money left to spend from my birthday. Still I had to pay some myself, but in the end I ended up buying a laptop for 600 euros.

I bought a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2550 (I am too lazy to add a link right now, so google it yourself if you want to know). It has a core 2 duo at 2 times 1,66 GHz, 3 GB RAM, a ATI HD 2400 graphics card and a hard disk capacity of 250 GB. All in all, not too bad for that price. (more details: batterylife of 2.5 hours, weighs 3 kg, built-in 1.3 Megapixel webcam).
What I was aiming for was a laptop that I can use next year as I am starting my study at university, but I would want to be able to run some games on it. That said, gaming is most definately my highest priority.
Still, you can have no computer that has reasonable specs without having tried out Crysis on it (shame I haven't even tried it on this one yet... then again, the only reasonable spec on this computer is the graphics card), so I downloaded the crysis demo today and tried it out. It ran just fine at low settings, at higher settings it became quite jaggy. Still, that's a result I can be quite satisfied with. The thing that grabbed my attention most was the very nice physics engine that is featured in the game (unlike the GTA4 engine it does not focus on things that only bother you and are still not too realistic (falling through the front window of your car), but on things that are cool and that may matter, such as trees that break realistically right at the point you are shooting at - possibly breaking a second, third or even fourth time if you keep shooting in different places). What annoyed me was the touch pad - don't get me wrong, though, I like this one more than most other touch pads I have ever used, it's just that touch pads and gaming don't mix very well. I should buy a mouse sometime, but I was planning to do so anyway.

Anyway, I have a nice notebook computer, and I like it - that's basically all that I am telling.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanna have some cheap energy?

Hi all (I still wonder if that is many more than half a hand of people :P, but even that is so, it does not matter, actually).

As of this evening I have a job. I know, that is a strange thing to say - but if you keep in mind that I am only nineteen and still being provided money by the state and my parents, I do not necessarily have to just yet. Instead this job is mainly in order to buy some luxury goods such as a new computer screen (I am currently using an ancient fat one, which can't handle over 1024x768 if 75 Hz is a prerequisite (and it is, as I can actually see anything lower flicker)).
Anyway, a few weeks ago I received my vwo diploma (which would translate to something like "preparative scientific education" and opens up the possibility of going to a university) and since I have had very little to do. Or more honestly, I have had very little I had to do - there are stills tons things for me to do, there's no worrying about that. Anyway, I decided I wanted to earn some money for such kinds of things. I do not have to work for a laptop though (unless I want a really expensive one), as I got money for that from my parents. Together with some money from my grandma and some money I got from various persons at my birthday (which was in april) I have a reasonable amount of money to spend.
What I'm gonna do? I am working in an outbound callcenter (where outbound is calling people and inbound is being called) and the first project I am on is concerning an energy company called RWE (German company). My job is to convince people they should buy a three-year contract in which the price for gas and electricity is defined for the three years. It appears an easy project to start off with (and probably is), but that does not make it easy. I'll just see how it goes...

Aw men.. I have so much catching up to do... I have stories to tell about INT01 of my TemplatingEngine, I have something to say something about, I have to do some write up on a game called Cosmos, I guess I'll have to write something about INT02 and I am bound to have missed a dozen other things in that list. Maybe I'll write another post today... who knows.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Will isn't always enough

But this time it is. (I hope...)

Yes, for those who have noticed, I am actually referring to the title of the post two down from here. I saw a trend in my declining posts, and told I would put effort into changing that. It appears I failed, as my posting rate only went down, to hit zero for quite a while.

I'll explain how this all came to be:

I have been very busy with my school exams and the work preceding them.
I have been without internet for a while.
I have moved twice (the period without internet started before the first time, and lasted slightly past the second time).
I have been doing different things in the few weeks I have had since, mostly just forgetting about this little corner of the web.

As of today I am legally using an internet connection again (been using an unprotected wireless network until now) and this time I have the very same message as that other post, I am going to post more.

Anyway, I have some spicy stories to be told (finished very, very first version of templatingSystem and have had a website shut down on the account of spreading a virus amongst many other things) and I do not intend to keep them from you.

/me signs off