Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanna have some cheap energy?

Hi all (I still wonder if that is many more than half a hand of people :P, but even that is so, it does not matter, actually).

As of this evening I have a job. I know, that is a strange thing to say - but if you keep in mind that I am only nineteen and still being provided money by the state and my parents, I do not necessarily have to just yet. Instead this job is mainly in order to buy some luxury goods such as a new computer screen (I am currently using an ancient fat one, which can't handle over 1024x768 if 75 Hz is a prerequisite (and it is, as I can actually see anything lower flicker)).
Anyway, a few weeks ago I received my vwo diploma (which would translate to something like "preparative scientific education" and opens up the possibility of going to a university) and since I have had very little to do. Or more honestly, I have had very little I had to do - there are stills tons things for me to do, there's no worrying about that. Anyway, I decided I wanted to earn some money for such kinds of things. I do not have to work for a laptop though (unless I want a really expensive one), as I got money for that from my parents. Together with some money from my grandma and some money I got from various persons at my birthday (which was in april) I have a reasonable amount of money to spend.
What I'm gonna do? I am working in an outbound callcenter (where outbound is calling people and inbound is being called) and the first project I am on is concerning an energy company called RWE (German company). My job is to convince people they should buy a three-year contract in which the price for gas and electricity is defined for the three years. It appears an easy project to start off with (and probably is), but that does not make it easy. I'll just see how it goes...

Aw men.. I have so much catching up to do... I have stories to tell about INT01 of my TemplatingEngine, I have something to say something about, I have to do some write up on a game called Cosmos, I guess I'll have to write something about INT02 and I am bound to have missed a dozen other things in that list. Maybe I'll write another post today... who knows.

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