Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giving it a name

I was doing some work on my Templating Engine again, and I wanted a name for a variable that nobody else would ever use. What's the usual way to do that? Right, include the name of your application. Easy enough, right?

The only problem I came across was the fact that I had no real name for the engine. So that's why I had to think of one. I came up with... LookingGood. It may or may not be the final name, it may or may not mean that I use similar names for my similar scripts (though I must say you can do a lot of things with the Good postfix).
Just thought I would drop that by - as I really want to be posting more I can just keep you informed (not caring whether you are interested or not :P) about such things. So, LookingGood is what I am working on right now. And maybe, just maybe all of you will be using LookingGood some day. (Probably not, though - this is just my project for my work, which others may use, but are not advised to.)

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