Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm seeing a trend - but I am willing to break it

Just go and have a look at when I posted my last few posts, you'll probably get to see the same trend as I am seeing. I am willing to change the trend, but I am not 100% sure that will mean I will. We'll just see and will try to improve upon my posting, making it either irregular again (not ever longer between two posts, but truly irregular again) or by making it truly regular again (not declining, but stable).
So, now, onto everything I have to tell... please bear in mind that it is a total random grab bag with all kinds of completely unrelated matters.

First off the bat I will continue on the issue I started about last post. My nose has had a successful cut-and-paste operation. I had very little pain, in the hospital they even let me skip some of the pain killers - if ain't broken, don't fix it, but not being able to do much at all was a pain all by itself. In the three days I was in the hospital and the week after that in which I was at my parents' I did not a single book from the big pile I had assembled - I just didn't feel like reading too much. I did play through a large part of my brother's Pokemon Crystal (what a brilliance had pokemon as a game - sad it had to become such a merchandise centered brand at the hands of nintendo).
When I got back home my room was still the same mess it had been when I had left it. I decided I wouldn't put my computer (I had taken it with me to my parents) on my desk till I had cleaned up my desk, but as you might be able to guess, I can't do without my computer, so I had to set it up again anyway... on the ground.

Next thing up was me working on my computer's setup. I want to reinstall everything, after having had all hard-disks empty and having reorganized my partitions. In order to do all of this, I wanted to make both my hard-disks bootable, so I wouldn't have to worry about being able to boot into old OSes after installing something aggressive as windows XP (finally no more x64 :D). This led to my system being unbootable for quite some time. However I had/knew (getting my hands on a newer version of the Paragon Bootdisk did go a long way - the cd is one of the best I have) led to me being able to solve everything again, eventually giving me what I wanted, a system that was completely bootable from both disks. I guess I became an authority on the windows bootloader (ntldr, and boot.ini) purely by experimenting - that's what you can do when your other hard disk can always serve as a "backup booter" for your system. I installed windows xp on, but that is not the OS I am typing this from (nor is it linux or any other altertive) - I am still working from (a copy of) my old windows install, because of my following point...

I dropped most of my other activities, because of the insane amount of work I had to do for school. I had missed a couple of lessons, but most of the work did not stem from that. The problem was that the year is drawing near its end, the exams are coming in sight, and all subjects want to focus on the exams / the last test period before that and thus everything that still had to be done, had to be finished by that week (or a bit later), including a number of things of which you ought to spread the work of over the year. There is still a large number of things I need to finish, but luckily I currently have a long weekend (friday till monday) and I have enough time to do all I should do, relax some and clean up the mess in my room (that only increased during the period I had time for nothing but my school work). At least, I hope I can get all of it done.

My next comment is about the comment I made in my last post. It is by no means final yet - but I do have a new name for the tyemplating system - and it's so obvious... lookingGood will now be called goodLooking instead. With the good in front you have a lot more options for the other word, which is what my aim was.

I think I do have some other stories for you, but I don't feel like typing more here right noe, so they will be for another day.

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