Sunday, May 17, 2009

Say "Eye" for Prism

Haven't heard of Prism yet?

Alright, so I have my first render for Prism. It's not much, but it looks pretty good if you ask me. It's an eye!
This time this blog is a few hours behind newgrounds and deviantArt, where I also publish stuff related to Prism, but I promise that won't always be the case.
As for that, I am not even promising that everything will always be published on all three of the media - though when it comes to renders they probably will (for now at least...).

Without further ado:

The upper image is the final render of the eye (at 4 NURMS iteration for those who want to know), the lower-left image is a wireframe of the same setup (alright, alright, only 2 NURMS iterations, but that's because it would get too cluttered otherwise) and the lower-right image is the wireframe of the model as I modeled it (without NURMS, that is).

I hope you liked the brief preview!

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