Monday, July 27, 2009

GoodLooking Demo

Two days ago (technically yesterday early morning, but the two sort of blended together as I didn't sleep in a (successful) attempt to get my sleeping pattern back to something a bit more normal) I wrote about GoodLooking INT02. Today I decided to take a minute and write a demo.

Previously I provided links to the template and the live example. Now, instead, I provide a link to the demo. From there you can have a look at the running example, force it to do a reload and from there you can see the source of the template, of the sample application, of the code connecting the two and of the compiled template.
All of these are actually viewable without looking at the source thanks to two pre-tags around them and an htmlentities that was executed on them. It is important to note that even thought the compiled template is viewable this was, it was not made to be good to the eye - it is very ugly, generated php. Here's the link.

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