Sunday, October 25, 2009

My hat goes off to javascript

I just started loading my streaming TNG episode, intending to watch it immediately, but then I thought I could better let it load for a while, while I gave private static some more thought. (Yes, last time I wrote about star trek I was at the first episode of DS9 and now I am halfway TNG. I tend to go through series at a reasonable pace - there was some time of not watching any Start Trek between watching DS9 and TNG.) Well... let's just say Javascript is powerful, really believe me! Now!
Oh man, the solution is so simple yet so good. All I did was declare an anonymous function that encapsulates both our class definition and our static functions and call that function right away. This requires a little change in syntax to make the class available outside that function, but that truly is a piece of cake. Once that is done, our private static variables can live in this new class.

It truly is amazing how powerful javascript is.

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