Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm sorry, I truly am

I promised to write more, but so far I didn't.
I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry. And I can not give any promises about the future with that.

If you are interested, I will tell how this came to be. Okey, I will also tell it if you are not interested, but in that case you may just decide not to read the part ;P.
Tomorrow I will be leaving my parental house, and will move to 'roomtraining'. In the beginning you live together with other people in the house (cook together, share a living room), but in the end you will be living on your own in the same house as a number of other people. which makes this all more fun, is that I only know since last Wednesday. So all of that is why I've been busy (as well as that school started and everything).
And now why I won't quite yet promise anything about the future, because I do not know yet if I'll have an internet connection over there, or how good it will be. So.. let's just hope I'll get a good connection.

Right now i am at school, one place I am relatively sure about my time and internet connection. I have got three free hours today (had one last hour and the other two are the coming hours) and currently I am in my ICT lesson, where we are making a start with OOP, while I know OOP better than our teacher (so the only useful things I am doing is learning a bit of the java syntax for OOP (just some small details) and helping some other people, so I decided to finish my post.

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