Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still no good news (but some semi-good news now)

Still no good news is the title I came up with for this post. Combining that title with the absence of many posts in the past period makes all of this obvious enough. I still do not have an internet connection. The semi-good news is that I have been given the green light to set up an internet connection and that i might be able to use someone else's wireless network. I still do have to arrange (and pay) everything myself.
SO... with some luck I might have an internet connection soon. So what have I been up to these days? I have been getting to know the people in the house I live in now, I have been busy working on a GamEngine, a 3d engine in c++ using openGL. I am using tutorials from, but I am modeling the source to my own likes, using a lot of different variable names, adding a class, splitting a certain class into two (as it really was two classes in one in my opinion) and (which I haven't done too much about really) making it cross-platform. I have the uplink source code (yes, I actually have the official dev cd) to guide me through it, as that's a brilliant openGL using c++ application that is cross-platform. Even though the game is 2d it does really help me, and I needed that help.
The lack of internet increased my need for a good portable solution, so I have set up my USB drive to be a powerful platform. I had some applications on it already, but now I saw a friend had the Portable Apps menu ( and I liked it a lot. I installed it and made sure I had all the programs I wanted on it.
I salute to everyone, hoping that I will soon have internet again, so have a good time, and I will keep you (if there is any you, I am not so sure of that) updated if there are any major changes in my situation.

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