Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Writing this from my (new) home

New is a relative word, but I am not at my parent's house and I am writing this... (for the record, I am not at school or any other place I don't live either and I am not using the supervisors' internet connection)... I have my own internet connection.
Ah well... own isn't really true, I am using someone else's, but with my own computer all the same. So, now the only thing I have to do is make sure I do not get in the way of the network's owner (if I don't get in his way, he won't notice and he has no reason to mind me being here).

I am still in a temporary setup (my pc is on my desk, while my monitor, mouse and keyboard are on the floor), but I will just have to find out how to set it up in such a manner that it's convenient AND I do have some connectivity. Anyway, see you all later as I am now going to find a place for everything. My next post will include all the trouble I went through to get it like it is now ;)

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