Saturday, October 27, 2007

Words reflecting what I feel

Today's post and the last post are both more of a vaguer type, that not necessarily every reader (if any) understands. When I started my blog, I was thinking of both this type and the one I have been using before. I wanted to give them different colors to separate them, but I never got about doing that. Maybe I will some time later, but until that moment you will have to do with me telling what kind it is.
(by the way I don't plan on using only this type from now on, I will be using whatever type suits the moment)

Three times in fifteen minutes,
but still there is this cloud.
This cloud that forbids,
this clouds that blocks.
This cloud, however cannot block my feelings,
which I sometimes hope it would.
It's good not to be lost,
to still have your feelings.
It's better, though, to move on
and I wish I could.

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