Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dynamic input for Marek's GameEngine

I have been working on a GameEngine fro quite some time now, loosely following tutorials from I made a lot of changes making my GameEngine different from Marek's, but now I have made the first "really different" part. I had talked with Marek about his way he handles input, which was obviously not done too well (all inline code), so he said, why don't you go ahead and try to do it as you want - if nothing else it will be a good programming experience.
So I did. (okey, I was planning to do so from the beginning) And after a while he also asked if I could make a video about what I changed. And that I also did do. For now I have had enough of the GameEngine, but anyway - look marek's forum for my video (it's hosted on google video, but the forum has all comments and such are on the forum). Also you can download my current version of the GameEngine.

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