Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday - the day of inspiration

It's friday night. The moment of the week I drink the most alcohol, and also the moment of the week I am pretty creative. Just like I wrote the post two before this one on a Friday night.
Anyway, that's also the moment I think of my blog. Don't know why I think of my blog on Fridays, but I do.
I do have quite a lot of stories to tell: is back after having been gone for a while, I signed up with a new host, Marek is releasing his DVD, I am busy with a PHP project, I found some new music to listen to and there was a student strike today. I really should write more on my blog - as I just said, I have way more than enough material to write about. So I will try to tell you about it in the near future, even though I don't feel like telling all about it right now.
For now, just consider the following surge of creativity:

Editor's note: Please note that I wrote this when it was very late and I had had quite a couple of beers. Even though I was quite aware of what I did, the following piece was influenced by both factors. Though the general idea of these feelings - I'll leave it up to you what the idea is - are really true, but the specific subject I wrote about is bothering me a lot less in daily life than this piece may make it seem. Alcohol and tiredness - and not having anything else on my mind - (almost) inevitably lead to me thinking about it, though.

Messed up.
It's still messed up.
Even when she's not there.
Even when she is far away from here.
I still can't stop thinking of her.
Perfect - good = still good.
So still I should try.
Having a good life.
Without her.

The best.
Make the best.
Get all of it you can.
I should not be stuck in my mind.
Move on and find some other girl, I should.
Even if you're still up there.
You're not leaving.
Won't forget.

Drowning in work.
I drown myself in projects.
Just so I don't have to face the reality.
A bit of PHP here, some C++ there.
All as a goal of life.
It's my way.

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