Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Just some random thought of mine:

"I told myself to stop, but I'm not listening"
"Why do I not stop, if I tell myself to do so?"
"I don't know, ask me, I should know"
"Do I know where I am?"
"I'm here"
"So... why were you not listening to yourself when you were told to stop?"
"I guess it was just really hard to stop, the chips were way too tasty"
"Please go say sorry to myself, I really need to make this up with me"
"Okey, I will. By the way, I will stop right now as well"
"That's good of me. So did I stop?"
"Yeah, I did. Did I also tell myself to say sorry to me? I spontaneously did"
"I did, good of me that I did listen this time and that I went to say sorry at once"
"True, true, but do I know why I did not listen?"
"The chips were too tasty"

(hint: it's really three conversation between three people (B - C, C - A, C- B) that are all me. If you want to decipher it, go ahead. If you don't, just don't even try.)

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