Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lacking removal and rotating triangles

Sorry I have not posted for a week or so... while I said I would.

I got my internet fixed, which meant I had things to do there, communities to visit again.
Last Sunday I went to the Lorwyn (Magic: The Gathering) prerelease. It's an amazingly good set. I really just do not understand how Wizards can say "We want the quality raised" and then not just produce a single good set, but keep following one good set up with another. But I am glad they are pulling it off. I had a strange pool (very little removal and a high number of bombs) and I focused on winning, not on winning before the opponent did. The results reflected that deck - I won the first two against not-so-strong opponents and utterly failed against in my other three matches, which were against some of the stronger players (number 1, 2 and three actually :P). I ended up seventh of fourteen. I hope I will do better saturday in the release tournament :D.

Besides that I have been working on my GameEngine project, using the tutorials from I have set up openGL now and I have it rotate a triangle on the screen. And all of this I did cross-platform (unlike Marek). I am really putting my own stamp on my version of the engine. Now I just have to make sure it can actually render something useful.

That was basically all I wanted to tell you right now. Stay tuned and I might post again soon :P.

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