Friday, November 21, 2008

Long time no see

Hi again.
Would anybody care to tell me when I last wrote an article in which I did not say "I have not used this blog too often in the past period, but I plan on doing so in the coming period"? Consider this one of the posts in which I did say it (even though I am not going to write it out again). Man, my whole world has changed since I last posted here, there's most definately enough to tell about.

I was dropping as I was looking for someone to listen to me ranting about the minor change I have made to my very own chat. The chat is still very crappy, but now a log of all that is posted is kept in my database. Nope, for a user there is no change, but this means that in that very one cornercase in which my chat would actually be a good solution to a problem in communications, I can actualy use it without losing the conversation. As of yet, there is no script yet that exports the chat log from the sabase to a text file, but hey, I have got full database access, so for me it does not matter.

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