Friday, November 21, 2008


I logged in to one of my gmail accounts yesterday - as a matter of fact it was not even my main email account and I wan't checking email - when I made a pleasant discovery. Gmail now has themes!
The way it happened was actually quite funny asm I already had checked my email earlier, but then he chane had not yet been made. However, I wanted to know which database it was that I made two-hourly backups of. This really is not needed, but can be nice if I want to start using one of the web applications I made. So, I logged in to the gmail account to which all the backups are sent and it looked different...
Also there was this big note on top of the page saying: "We got themes now, goto the themes tab of the settings page and have a look", for convenience it also had a link to that tab.

There are quite a few themes to choose from and ven thogh I do still have to find which one I really like, I really, really like this new feature. So... I did a blog poston it :P

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